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Dienstag, den 20 November 2018

Zombie Murder

A brutal shooter with good graphics, special effects and hard-edged music.

A large arsenal of weapons, crowds of monsters, seas of blood and explosions.

The sun had set over the horizon, and darkness enveloped the town. They suddenly appeared from the darkness - half dead, half alive – Zombies! They are coming at you, red bloody eyes bulging, and they think only about one thing – to eat your heart. Are You ready to deal with them? Scared? Don't be afraid! You're far from defenseless. A big battle robot with two huge guns is under your control. His firepower can sweep the crowd of zombies, using machine guns, rockets, flamethrowers, lasers and other weapons. But not so fast… Zombies with chainsaws will appear, Zombies spitting acid, giant Zombies...and more and more keep coming at you! It’s a fight to the finish, may the best man win!

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! Achtung - Dieses Spiel gibt es nur für kurze Zeit (meist 1 Tag) und muss sofort installiert werden um auch die Vollversion kostenlos nutzen zu können !

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